Acid Etched Plaques & Signs

Acid Etching is the latest production method of manufacturing plaques and sign plates. Using computer cut stencils onto stainless steel, brass and various other metals, these are then ‘dipped’ into acid to create the etching effect. The etched areas can then be back filled with paint in as many colours as needed to match corporate identities.

This way of manufacturing gives a very accurate and classy finish that is widely used in the legal and medical professions because of the stylish look.

Once the plates have been etched and filled they can be supplied with a mahogany backing board for the traditional honorary look, or with holes for fitting directly onto a wall or with stand-off wall mounts for the more contemporary style.

We also offer another production method called ‘Pre-Ano’ printed aluminium.

The aluminium plate is first printed and then anodised leaving the ink in bedded in the material. The system makes for an extremely hard wearing sign plaque. It is widely used by government agencies, aerospace industries and shipping companies. The standard black print also has great UV stability lasting 20 years plus.

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